What Makes a Good Phlebotomist?

This is somewhat of an objective question, and also somewhat of a subjective question. Just like any other career, there are a number of things that make a person good at what they do. Because phlebotomists work with patients, it goes without saying that things that would make a patient comfortable are things that would also make a good phlebotomist. Phlebotomists obviously need to have good dexterity with their hands for a number of reasons. When trying to do a venipuncture on hard to find veins, a phlebotomists who is very good with their hands can make a big difference to a patient. This is because it’s likely that if a phlebotomist can find the veins right away, it wouldn’t be as painful to the patient, and the procedure also wouldn’t take as long. This may be a skill that a phlebotomist may need to develop over time, but as they get experienced it’s something that they could become better and better at performing.

In addition to being skilled with their hands, it’s just as important for a good phlebotomist to be nice, calm, and pleasant in terms of their attitude with patients. Because many patients are scared of needles and getting their blood drawn, a good phlebotomist can make all the difference when it comes to calming a patient and helping them to relax if they are stressed about having their blood drawn. In contrast, a phlebotomist who is rude and not calming can make the situation much worse, to the point where a patient may even refuse to have their blood drawn if they are fearful enough about the procedure.

Ideally, a phlebotomist should be a person who enjoys caring for others and really has a heart for helping people. This is important because patients may be able to sense when a phlebotomist isn’t being genuine or doesn’t want to help them, but is doing it because it’s their job. If you’ve been thinking about phlebotomy as a career but aren’t really someone who likes helping other people and just enjoys the science aspect of it, you may find that a science career such as working in a laboratory or doing some type of medical research might be better suited to your personality. It’s possible that people who might make the best health care workers are those who truly have compassion for other people, enjoy helping them, and put the needs of other people before their own.